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Welcome to eToolbox for consumers and individuals applying to become a Licensed or Registered Plumbing Practitioner in Victoria.

For consumers

eToolbox is available to you to verify the details of a Compliance Certificate.

Compliance Certificates must be supplied by a Licensed Plumbing Practitioner for:

  • Any work completed that is over the value of $750.
  • The installation, relocation or replacement of any Type A gas-using appliances, regardless of the cost (Compliance Certificates do not apply to Type B gasfitting work).
  • The conversion of a gas-using appliance for use with a different gaseous fuel.
  • The installation, modification or relocation of consumer gas piping (other than work carried out on behalf of a gas company).
  • The construction, installation or alteration of any below ground sanitary drain or associated gullies.
  • The construction, installation, alteration, relocation or replacement of a cooling tower or of any other part of a cooling tower system (including the installation or replacement of any associated device or equipment).

A Compliance Certificate is your insurance against defective work. That is why it is important to check the details on the Compliance Certificate are correct.

To check the details of your Compliance Certificate you need to have:

  • The Compliance Certificate number; and
  • PIN.

These should have been provided to you by your Plumbing Practitioner. If you received a copy of the Compliance Certificate, the details you need are located in the top right corner of the Certificate. Otherwise your Plumbing Practitioner may have provided them to you in another way, e.g. verbally or via email.


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